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Creating the Future of Secure Digitization

In the era of digitization, where remote customer identification, digital business processes, and remote contracting are not only feasible but also highly effective, trust remains a critical foundation. Trust ensures that customers, companies, and stakeholders feel secure and confident in their interactions with digital systems and services.

At Trusted Economy Forum, we recognize the critical importance of unwavering trust, supported by reliable and secure transactions, individual and business customer identification, and efficient document workflows. That’s why we are creating Trusted Economy Forum (TEF) – your go-to source for knowledge and innovation in digital security. TEF comprises a series of events, including webinars, conferences, and other initiatives, along with a community. Our mission is to promote secure remote identification mechanisms (such as digital identity wallets) and trust services (such as digital signatures and e-Delivery) among participants in the European Union’s digital market.

What are we going to talk about?

The main topics we will cover during our events:

What will change in the structure of the European eID and trust services market with the implementation of eIDAS 2.0?

How to design trust services, eID, digital identity wallets with UX best practices in mind?

How to you build the best policy and technical solutions for the Know Your Customer (KYC) area in your company?

How to make your institution comply with Postquantum Agility?

How can AI help with secure remote customer identification?

How can you prepare for overseas expansion as a trust and eID service provider?

What distinguishes various eID and trust services markets in Europe?

Do trust service providers need to pay attention to ESG?


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polish market edition
eidas 2.0

5 hours of knowledge about the eIDAS 2.0 amendment for the Polish trust and eID services market.
Selected topics: mObywatel as an identity wallet, mobile e-signatures, new trust services.

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polish market edition

5 hours of knowledge about e-Delivery on the Polish market.
Selected topics: new law requirements, designated operator vs. private providers, how to implement e-Delivery in a company and public institution.

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Trusted Economy Forum - who will you meet at the events?

Our events bring together experts in many fields: qualified and non-qualified trust service providers (TSPs, QTSPs), electronic identity providers (IDPs), technical solution providers related to eID (electronic identification), e-signature platforms and electronic document management.

TEF is also the place for representatives of corporations and SMEs that use or want to use trust services and eID tools to achieve their business goals. Participants of the events are often representatives from the financial and utility sector.

Our community is also co-founded by representatives of european supervision, international agencies and public administration in each country.

Join our community

The TEF community is growing rapidly, bringing together experts, suppliers and companies working for the future of digital services. Together, we strive to keep the most up-to-date knowledge by being at the forefront of innovation for the security of the digital world. Join us! Follow us on social media and reserve your spot for upcoming events.


Trusted Economy Forum was a conference organized in the years of 2020-2023 by Asseco Data System. Previously called European Electronic Signature Forum, the conference held 19 editions of the event – among others in Międzyzdroje, Szczecin and Warsaw.

About the organizer -

We specialize in consulting support for trust services and eID providers, by providing knowledge about regulations and standards, analyzing local markets in terms of products as well as legal requirements. We are building advanced digital strategies for the financial and public administration sectors. Our customers come from i.e. Italy, Germany, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, Sweden, and Switzerland.  

Practical knowledge, real results: We help to adapt and optimize digital transformations by providing personalized and effective solutions. Join our Trusted Economy Forum events to take full advantage of the digital innovations potential.

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